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Michael De Luca, CKD, ASID, NCIDQ
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Bob Berner
Ontario, Canada

I have your LightCalc program. As an amateur, I used your software to design my kitchen lighting using MR16 recessed lamps for both the general and task lighting over the island. It worked out incredibly well, much to the surprise of the kitchen designers who had a completely different -- and wrong -- view of how the room should be illuminated. But I had faith in you.
Jerome Preston
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

I received your book on Friday, June 22, and spent an enjoyable weekend reading your material. Last week I made good progress on the lighting design for our new home, thanks to the information you provided in your excellent book. I would like to congratulate you on a job well done.
Terry Tilford
Burnsville, MN 55337

We installed LightCalc successfully, and we are "blown away" with the usefulness of this tool! This will will save us lots of time. Great stuff that we were looking for, but couldn't find anywhere else. Your style of writing is very "user friendly". We wish all our reference materials were this good.
Rita Eng
Westport, CT 06880

I thoroughly appreciate your book. I have been looking for just such a resource/reference book for years. After purchasing two other books and being disappointed, I stumbled across your book at a contractors' trade show.
Peter Carabot
Trinity Beach, Queensland 4879

It has arrived!!! Not that I ever doubted it....

So far so good. I've been playing with the program and every single function seems to be working perfectly. Great book as well!! Great refresher course!! I tend to forget some Principles.....

Thank you for a very usefull program, with no bugs...
Doug Holt
D. W. Holt & Co.
Clarence, NY 14031

I Love LightCalc!
Eric Strandberg
Lighting Design Lab
400 East Pine Street, Suite 100
Seattle, Washington 98122

Michael, thank you for sending a copy of LightCalc to the Lab. We liked the software for a number of reasons. First of all it does no more and no less than it proposes to do (unlike some "sophisticated" applications), second it has a good manual that assumes the user knows very little about lighting, and additionally, the menus are straight forward and easily navigable.

I am planning to use LightCalc in my next residential lighting class as an example of appropriate lighting software for residential work (copies of your ordering flier will be made available).

Thanks again for your co-operation.
Mark Kelly
White Mountain Lumber Co.
New Hampshire

I finished my first kitchen where we used LightCalc to do all the lighting calculations. I went through with a light meter afterward and can't believe how close your program got me. All within tolerance. It is excellent and I feel much more confident in using these numbers now. Thank you.
Karen Edwards, CKD, CBD
Karen Edwards Design
Watkins Glen, NY 14891

We received the LightCalc program today and installed it. WOW! You will be hearing from us as we use it. So far it looks like pretty amazing software. I like that it eliminates all the time consuming calculations that none of us want to (remember how to) do. Thanks for filling the order promptly.
Frank Beal
via Email

I have read your book and look forward to working with the software. The book is extremely informative and well written. I have gained considerable insight into factors affecting lighting and will use this to assist us in specifying the lighting for our new house. I am not a lighting designer but have quite easily grasped the material in your book. Thanks for such a well written informative book.
Sheri Sloane
via Email

We used "Kitchen & Bath Lighting...made easy" last semester at the University Of Nebraska and I believe it was the first time Dr. Markussen used it in her lighting class. We learned to use LightCalc and also learned to calculate by hand. I loved the class and I really feel that I learned alot about lighting and how important it is in designing. I'm sold on LightCalc.
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